We encourage you to read this information, and to discuss any questions with the Head Instructor and/or student members. We welcome you to our dojo and invite you to share the experience of the Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts

The role of the Martial Arts in the modern age is intricate. As a practical means of self-defense for today, it is the ultimate. The mind as well as the body can be developed with the Martial Arts, as it is a positive method of gaining self confidence and ridding yourself of the tension that an angry personality builds up. In an age filled with much tension and violence, it is reassuring to know that there is one way to shape up on all levels...both physically and mentally.

What makes the Martial Arts so attractive is that virtually anyone can become proficient, and itís not necessary to be in top shape to start performing effectively. As you learn, you are getting exercise, training your body to coordinate with your mind, gradually gaining more self-esteem, and by working regularly, you will be in better physical condition then when you started.

The system of colored belts that serve as a classification to indicate degrees of achievement and proficiency levels in the martial arts, varies with different arts, and sometimes varies even further with each dojo. Belt levels in this Dojo range from white (colorless, to indicate the beginner), yellow, green, blue, brown, and then black (the highest rank). No matter what types of Martial Arts you study, forget the rank of other students, for itís yourself that you must use as a standard. If others improve faster or slower than you, it shouldnít matter, as itís your own development in both mind and body that counts. Study at your own pace and enjoy the Martial Arts for what it is, what it was meant to be and for what you get out of it.

Every individual is unique, with varying degrees of different inborn talents and capabilities. Do not be discouraged because someone improves faster than you, and do not look down on someone who does not progress as well as you. Everyone progresses at his or her own rate; and itís not the color of the belt thatís important, but rather the quality of the person that gives meaning to the rank. The knowledge of self-defense is much like that of saving money; you store it away with the hope that it wonít be needed, but itís there in case of necessity. The Martial Arts have much to offer, and someday it may save your life or the life of someone else.

The Mizukan Dojo

The Mizukan Dojo  (The House of Mizu) offers instruction in Senshin-ryu Jujutsu, which is a form of modern Japanese Combat Jujutsu.  The purpose and objective of this system is to teach an overall knowledge of effective self-protection, which covers all ranges of personal defense, while maintaining the traditional aspects and discipline of classical Japanese Martial Arts.  The Mizukan Dojo doesnít make use of the popular Dan (Black Belt) ranking system.  We believe it only builds the studentís ego, and martial art training is designed to suppress the ego.  Our dojo makes use of the Menkyo (License) system for advanced ranks; this system has only four levels or stages, upon completion of each stage the disciple receives a certificate (shomeisho) with the appropriate license (menkyo).  The levels are Menkyo Shoden (Beginning Transmission), Menkyo Chuden (Middle Transmission), Menkyo Okuden (Deep Transmission), and Menkyo Kaiden (Complete Transmission).

No written or verbal description can fully describe what itís all about, or how it can be applied in such areas as self-protection, multiple defense, free style fighting or weapons use. The best way to learn more about this art is to watch it in action, then participate.

The Mizukan Dojo is affiliated with Katsujin-ryu Jujutsu, which is a part of the Katsujin-ryu Bujutsu system within the Kokusai Gendai Budo Renmei (KGBR).



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