The Mizukan Dojo makes use of the Kyu-system for novice levels, but utilizes the Menkyo (License) system for advanced ranks; this system has only four levels or stages, upon completion of each stage the disciple receives a certificate (inka) with the appropriate license.  The levels are Menkyo Shoden (Beginning Transmission, this is also called Oku-iri, which means "Entrance to Secrets"), Menkyo Chuden (Middle Transmission, this is also called Mokuroku, which means "Catalogue"), Menkyo Okuden (Deep Transmission, this is also called Menkyo, which means "License"), and Menkyo Kaiden (Complete Transmission, or "Everything Passed").


Requirements merely represent a listing of the material that is explicitly tested for at each belt level, they do not represent the full extent of the material that is presented at each belt level, nor do they represent the many variations (henka) available.

The Menkyo Kaiden grade is reserved for the most senior Menkyo Okuden of Senshin-ryu; This individual is the inheritor of Senshin-ryu (to paraphrase, "There can be Only One").



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